Unable to Send or Recieve Messages Error ID 0x8DE00005

Windows Live Mail 0x8DE00005 Error

This error is not listed in Windows Live Mail Error List since it's a part of other errors that are mentioned on this blog and given a list. The server error 3219 causes various problems that are explained in this section

Further, This error is different from others because it causes issues in both client and server end due to various certificates authentication and privacy. After Microsoft stopped services on WLM it is possible that this issue may arise.

Error Code 0x8DE00005 Reasons or Causes with Effects

The causes of this error are as follows:

  1. Unidentified certificate of Email Client: When Server or Email Client unable to identify the authenticity, then server error 3219 arise.

  2. Unable to Connect to Servers: In this situation, Email Client Might not support Server or Vice versa.

  3. Non-HTTPs security sync of Emails: The security certificate of server or Email Client is not recognized. causing Error 0x8DE00005 in Email Application.

  4. Nonproper updates: Sometimes due to previous version or expired version(in this situation) server error 3219 appears.

0x8DE00005 Error Effects

Effects of Above Error are as follows:

  1. Changes not saved on server at proper time: All changes are not saved on server lead to loss of data and corruption

  2. Manually connect to Server Multiple Times: Need to Connect server again whenever updates need to be made on server

  3. Syncing of Emails Abrupted: Email Client no longer sync Emails from server or vice versa

Solution of Error Code "0x8DE00005" in Windows Live Mail

  1. Setup an SSL connection for outgoing mails

  2. Reconfigure Account ( Recommended for IMAP Connections)

  3. Take Backup and Reconfigure Email Account ( For POP Connections)

Alternate Method to Solve 0x8DE00005 Error Problem

The above error can be rectified only by a changing email client. If you are using latest servers of Exchange, Then you must consider changing your Windows Live Mail EML files into PST or MSG format that is compatible with recent outlook versions.