Unexpected Termination Error Windows Live Mail 0x800CCC0F

Windows Live Mail 0x800CCC0F Error

It has been found that after 10th January 2017 Microsoft stops its services for Windows Live Mail 2012 and created an urgent need for a user to convert its email EML files into other client or transfer them. There are various reasons and errors for that all they are explained here.

The most Common error user facing in Windows Live mail is 0x800CCC0F. Microsoft listed this error as follows

0x800CCC0F Error

Reasons/Causes and Effects of "0x800CCC0F connection closed" Issue

The reason that causes above error is:

  1. Windows Live Mail 2012 no longer support Microsoft. So it's advised to switch your Email Client as soon as possible. For More information.

  2. The Email Client server no longer connects to Windows Live Mail. For eg. If you are using outlook or Gmail then emails server will no longer support windows live mail 2012. Read above point guidelines.

  3. Antivirus conflict with your software and 0x800CCC0F connection closed is displayed many times

  4. A part of program deleted by antivirus or another program

There are various effects of this error observed by users:

  1. Connection b/w Server and Windows Live Mail is closed

  2. IMAP, POP3 connection not established

  3. High damage in EML files and Emails

  4. Unable to download Emails and information from web email or server due to IXP_E_CONNECTION_DROPPED error

Solution of Windows Live Mail "0x800CCC0F" Error

Based on above causes and reasons there is some manual solution that can rectify this error. These solutions are as follows:

  1. Recover the registry details that are affected by this error

  2. Check for errors using your antivirus software

  3. Update PC Drivers and programs

  4. Reinstall Windows or Windows Live Mail Software (only recommended if files are highly corrupt)

Alternate Method for 0x800CCC0F Problem

If above Solutions don't work. Then the best solution for this error is to convert EML Files to PST or MSG . This tool can convert all Email files so that it is compatible for other Email Clients. In order to do so visit the home page of this website.