A Brief – What is Windows Live Essentials Mail and its Versions



What was Windows Live mail and why did Microsoft stop its security and support. We will talk about this in detail but first, we need to understand where this all started from? You will find about Windows Essentials and details of its versions in many websites but here we will discuss all of those in brief. We will discuss what are Versions, Overview, Features, Advantages and Limitations of Windows Live Essentials Mail that make it replaceable.

Versions of Windows Live Mail

If we will search all over the internet we will find that the Windows Live Mail Email Client consists of various types and names. Some call it Windows Essentials while other Live Mail. But the truth is that these all are different Mail Application suite that was released during Windows Essentials Mail Era. You can call them Parallel applications of this Email Client for different versions.

Talking about Windows Live Mail. It is a part of Windows Essentials Application Suite. This Suite Consist of various other applications but here we will talk about the only wlm. There are five versions of Windows Essentials Mail as follows:

  1. Wave 2 also called as Version 12 of WLM
  2. Wave 3 beta version of Windows Live Mail
  3. Wave 4 or Version 2011 Beta Version with Ribbons
  4. Wave 5 final version called as Windows Live Mail 2012

Now, Let's get a brief overview of these versions.

Overview of Windows Live Mail Versions

Brief description of Windows Live Essentials Mail Wave 2 – Version 12


The interesting fact is that the first version of Application suite to which Windows Essentials Mail belongs doesn't consist of WLM. Don't confuse it with Windows Live Mail 2012. This story started when Microsoft Launched Wave 2 of this Email Application on 6th November 2007. This Email Client was launched with various features like:

  1. Web-based Email Client Support
  2. Multi-line Message lists
  3. Spelling Checker
  4. POP Accounts Inbox Folder
  5. Photo Email Feature with correction in border effects

These all features were the extended versions of Windows Mail in Windows Vista.

Brief Overview of Windows Live Essentials Mail Wave 3 – Version 2009


The Version 9 or Wave 3 was released in three phase. This Version was named as the beta version of Windows Live mail. It was launched in October or September 2008 even I am not sure about it. But the year was 2008 when Microsoft launched this version with a new feature of Calander Application i.e. Calander Event Automatic Synchronization.

But I suppose Microsoft didn't like the name and again launched a new version "Beta Refresh" with no new functionality on 15th Sep 2010. But It was good for Windows XP users of that time because this application was separately installed and supported by that version of Windows.

Again the launching this product was not proper. So, Microsoft Officially announced this as the final beta version of Windows Live Mail and beta chapter ended at that point.

Overview of Windows Live Essentials Mail Wave 4 – Version 2011


If you are wondering why I keep on calling it as Essentials rather that Windows Live Mail is because I need to remind you that Windows Live Mail application is a part of Windows Essentials Suite.


When Windows Live Mail 2011 was released then Wave 3 was renamed as Windows Live Mail for Windows XP. Why ? because Wave 4 doesn't support Windows XP. I don't know why Microsoft did that. Further, Windows Live Essentials Mail 2012 was released with best feature of all time called as ribbons. As the name suggests the topmost panel with all shortcut icons and other features is called ribbon. Did you know that? But the bad news was that this version was supported by Windows Vista and Higher Platforms. So, Again Windows Vista came into Existence.

Short Overview of Windows Live Essentials Mail Wave 5 – Version 2012


The Final and recently dumped version of Windows Essentials Mail is Wave 5. It is also called as Windows Live Mail 2012. This Version was Supported by Windows 7, 8 and 10. Why was? because on 10th Jan 2016 Microsoft Officially stopped Download and security for this version.

Let's go for a quick recap of advantages and disadvantages of different versions of Windows Live Mail.

Advantages and Disadvantages of different Versions of Windows Live Mail

Version of Windows Essentials Mail Advantages compared to previous versions Disadvantages compared to previous versions
Wave 2 Windows Live Mail Version 12 - Better Application than Windows Mail

- Provide Web-based Support, Spell Check, POP Account Folder etc.

- Delta Sync Support Added
- Removed ability to edit HTML Email by Source

- Locally installed documentation removed

- Ability to Set Margins removed
Wave 3 Windows Live Mail Version 2009 - Toolbar Icon Added

-Calander Functions
- MIME Problem with Signed Email Still Exists
Wave 4 Windows Live Mail Version 2011 - Ribbon Feature Added

- Startup Screen and Monitor Updates

- Windows Vista Supported
- Not Supported by Windows XP
Wave 5 Windows Live Mail Version 2012(Not Version 12) - Windows User interface Panel

- Delta Sync with Hotmail for IMAP and POP Accounts.
- Not Tied to Operating System

- Not Supported by Windows XP and Windows Vista

We will know About Why Microsft Stopped Supporting Wave 5 aka Windows Live Mail 2012. Such a good and Free app it was!!! But the most interesting thing yet to come. You will be amazed to know that Microsoft launched the new application with the awesome interface. You may check other Articles on this blog if you wish to know more about What is the Windows Essentials Mail solutions. Stay Tuned!!!


This article discussed in brief about all the version of Windows Live Mail. Further, we understand that what were the disadvantages of Windows Essentials Mail and how Microsoft keep on changing its mail client each year. Moreover, we found that this Email Client consists of most features that recent Email Clients consists.