What is Microsoft Outlook Express and its Applications


In this blog, we will learn all applications related to wlm and its parallel services like Outlook Express. When Microsoft built this Email application they embed all features present in current Email Clients. Then, why Microsoft express mail discontinued and what were its limitations. We will discuss all that in brief in this section. Further, Outlook Express Email client is one of those Email Applications that was released parallel to other Microsoft Email Clients mention on this blog.

Overview of MS Outlook Express


Microsoft express mail was used for various applications like Email, Newsgroup etc. When it was launched with a name Microsoft internet mail this application go through various changes and versions which are explained below. Outlook Express was same application as today's Thunderbird, Netscape etc but with fewer features. Right from the beginning, there were several changes implemented in this email client. we will discuss that in detail. But First, Let us learn something about its different versions.

Outlook Express Version Details

Microsoft express mail also called as Microsoft internet mail is an email client based on various versions. These Email Clients Versions were introduced year after year and later discontinued by Microsoft.

Microsoft Internet Mail Client 1.0

It is also called as outlook express mail Version 1.0. This version was released in 1996. But due to advancement and technological development, this version was dropped. It supported Explorer version 3.

Microsoft Internet Mail Client 2.0

It is also called as Microsoft express mail Version 2.0. This version was also released in the same year as the previous version but in fall(i.e. later 1996). This version was also built to support Explorer version 3.

Outlook Email Express Version 4.0

This version was released in 1998 and supported Windows 98 platform. Version 4.0 was based on .mbx files(Mbox format). Some of the present day Email Clients also follow same Unix based system.

Microsoft Outlook Email Express Version 5.01

Launched in February 2000 this version was integrated with Explorer 5.01 and Windows 2000.

Version 5.5 Microsoft express mail

It was integrated with Windows Me( an operating system that was made for Home users). This version was released in June 2000.

Outlook Express Version 6.0

Windows XP was integrated with this version when it was released in October 2001. Internet Explorer 6 was the running platform for this series.

Outlook Express Version 7

This version was launched as a beta version of Microsoft express mail series. This version store contacts and other data in Windows Future Storage(WinFS).

Quick Overview of Microsoft express mail Version
Outlook Express Versions Launched On Windows Platform Explorer Version Changes from the previous version
Microsoft Internet Mail Client 1.0 1996 None Explorer 3 Not Applicable
Microsoft Internet Mail Client 2.0 1996 None Explorer 3 Same as previous
Outlook Express Version 4.0 June 1998 Windows 98 Internet Explorer 4 Files stored as .mbx files(Mbox format Unix based system)
Version 5.0 of Outlook Express June 1999 Windows 98 SE(Second Edition) Internet Explorer 5 File System changed from .mbx to .dbx(Separate file for each mailbox folder)
Microsoft express mail Version 5.01 February 2000 Windows 2000 Internet Explorer 5.01 Windows and Internet Explorer Versions Changed
Version 5.5 Outlook Express June 2000 Windows Me Internet Explorer 5.5 Windows and Internet Explorer Versions Changed
Outlook 6.0 Version Express October 2001 Windows XP Internet Explorer 6 Windows and Internet Explorer Versions Changed
Outlook 7 Version Express Before October 2005 Windows XP and below versions Not Specified Windows and Internet Explorer Updated.

Brief about Microsoft outlook express email and their Disadvantages
Microsoft Express Mail Details Disadvantage
Application provided .mbx (version 4.0) and .dbx format support Change of format lead to incapability of transporting files
DBX File Format allow data in the different folder each time. Database Corruption. Cannot able to handle large files.
HTML Format Supported Virus or Malicious Software Issues
Simple outlook express mail Structure Doesn't Support MIME Signed Messages


As you read that Outlook Express has more disadvantages than we thought due to which Microsoft replaced this software with new versions. If you are still using its versions then it's better if you switch to Mail for Windows. if you are using outlook express mail then you may check this blog for solutions of that.