What is Mail App in Windows and its Advantages


If you have already read the previous article on Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express. Then you will understand why Microsoft built this Windows Mail App. This app is going on minor changes so hope they make changes permanently. This is the simplest and most convenient Mail app for windows. Let us go through a brief overview of this app.

Overview of Windows Mail App

When this app replaced Microsoft Internet Mail in Windows Vista then it was frequently used by various users. There are various reasons, some say because of a better user interface. While some get rid of the headache of installing a different Email Client. But when Microsoft built Mail App for Windows they made a tremendous change in its user interface to attract more and more users. Moreover, this app still has some flaws like sync issues etc. We will discuss that later. Talking about the history of this app it doesn't go through a long journey compared to its predecessors. Mail App in Windows for different versions is explained below.

Different Version of Microsoft Windows Mail App

Brief about Mail App in Windows Vista


Microsoft worked really hard to replace Outlook Express and introduced this app. You can call it the successor of Microsoft Internet Mail. It was launched on 10th Oct 2005. This app is not available for operating systems later than Windows Vista nor they are integrated with Internet Explorer. Although Microsoft embeds the calendar in it.

Windows Mail App in Windows 8 – Intermediate Email Client


When windows version 8 was developed then Microsoft also made some minor changes like metro design language. People and Calendar were embedded in this App. It supports various Emails like Exchange, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo. It also provides a muti-platform support i.e. All Windows 8 installed devices is able to access the user Mail.

Details of Windows Mail App for Windows 10


At present Windows is using Windows 10 Mail app. The POP Email support was reimplemented on this App. This Email App was provided to perform quick actions like Delete, Set Flag, and Archive etc. Although some features like RSS reader are not available in this app.

Now, Let's have a quick recap of above information

List of Windows Mail App Advantages Over Previous Versions

Windows and Mail Versions Changes from Previous App
Mail App in Windows Vista 1. Mail Stored in Single Files instead of one database file
2. Account setup Information Storage
3. Bayesian Junk mail Filters, Encoding added
4. Phishing Filters Added
5. Windows Messanger no longer included
6. Simple API Message Functions
7. Supports only American, French, German and Spanish
Mail App for Windows 8 1. Mail with text-heavy based on Microsoft language philosophy
2. Doesn't directly support POP
3. Multi Windows Support(feature of Windows 8)
4. Multi-platform Support
Windows 10 Mail App 1. Quick Actions like delete, archive etc.
2. Two different users interface for calendar and people app
3. RSS reader not available


In above article, we learn that Windows Mail App is user-friendly and simplest mail app of all. This app takes the place of various Email Clients and the best part is user also appreciate the work of Microsoft. But Since this app is in developing phase. It's better to switch to Outlook that is also Microsoft based Email Client.